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Does Daydreaming Improve Brain Health?

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Who doesn’t enjoy closing their eyes and lifting their mind drift away to some far-off land? Some people see daydreaming in a negative light, but there is evidence that daydreaming is good for your brain. A wandering brain might be a healthier one! Here are some ways daydreaming could enhance brain health.

1. Daydreaming makes your brain more adaptable

Some people may think of daydreaming as a waste of time or something to just pass the time. But research finds that daydreaming can be good for brain health, particularly for keeping your brain flexible, adaptable, and open to new experiences. Daydreaming is like exercise for your brain, and it’s not as exhausting as a physical workout! You can comfortably do it while lying in the grass and looking up at the sky or in the comfort of your own home. So, don’t be afraid to let your mind wander and wonder!

2. Daydreaming makes your brain more efficient

An efficient brain can find solutions to problems faster and without expending as much energy. Studies show that when people daydream, they become better at solving real-world problems – but why? Daydreaming causes the spontaneous release of emotional and sensory information, leading to a “deeper process of problem-solving.” Some researchers call this process the “default network,” which includes regions in both the right and left hemispheres of the brain that are active when a person isn’t focused on a task.

The default network is like a search engine for the brain that uses memories to draw on experiences and guide behavior. It also helps your brain gain creative insights, making decisions, and to self-reflect. Brain scans show that the default network is more active when people imagine or think about the future, which leads to better decision-making.

Is there science to support the idea that daydreaming improves brain efficiency? A study, using MRI imaging, found that subjects who engaged in frequent daydreaming had increased activity in parts of the brain involved in learning and memory. They also performed better on cognitive tasks.

3. Daydreaming is a reboot for your brain

According to an article published in Psychology Today, an occasional daydream helps combat physical and mental fatigue that people often experience on the job. Daydreaming is like taking a brief mental vacation from the demands of daily living. It’s a way to clear your mind. Some people think of daydreaming as being negative because it distracts from “real work”. But much like a meditation session, it can actually boost your productivity and motivation.

4. Daydreaming makes your brain happier and healthier

Daydreaming is also a way to shut out daily stressors. Constantly being bombarded by information and the stress of everyday life can take a toll on your brain. When you are in a relaxed state, your brain can accomplish a deeper level of thinking. Relaxation relieves stress and pressure, allowing self-reflection that fosters creativity, intuitive problem-solving, and learning.

Some studies also link daydreaming to reduced depression and anxiety. In one study, people who reported experiencing daydreams scored lower on an anxiety scale than those who said they did not. A study at the University of Hertfordshire in England found that people who daydreamed at least three times a day had better mental health than those who daydreamed less often.

5. Daydreaming improves creativity

Have you ever noticed how creativity thrives in times when you’re idle and directionless? You’re lying on the bed half asleep and half awake when an idea hits you. Or an idea pops into your head while you’re relaxing in the bathtub. Some people say their most creative ideas come to them when they’re walking outdoors, spending time in nature, exercising, or doing another activity where their mind isn’t focused on a task.

Simply letting your mind roam free can liberate your mind to form new creative ideas.  Daydreaming allows you to think freely about different ideas without constraints or expectations.


The best way to maximize the benefits of daydreaming is to allow your mind to wander freely from time to time. Think of it as an activity that helps your brain reboot and refresh. It’s a mental escape for your mind.


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