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To Make Friends, Just Don’t Be A Vampire

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Many people feel socially awkward or unable to make friends easily. Many others do make friends easily, but then drift apart from them just as easily, and wonder what they can do to rectify that situation. If you find yourself in either of these boats, fear not! One piece of simple advice will help you develop close friendships. It’s only four words and it’s easy to remember: don’t be a vampire. Here are some things that vampires do which hinder their ability to make friends. If any of these apply to you, too, then try to change that and you’ll be well on your way to social happiness!

Avoiding sunlight 

Yes, to make friends, you have to leave your house. Online friends can be fun. But truly close friendships develop much more quickly and easily in person. Consider doing volunteer work, joining an improv group, or attending your child’s soccer game and chatting with other parents on the sidelines.

Avoiding reflections 

Okay, we aren’t talking about physical mirrors here (although making sure your appearance is decent before you leave the house is never a bad idea). Self-reflection, though, is a critical part of developing humility and empathy, traits that cause others to gravitate towards your friendship. It also helps you get to know yourself better, which can, in turn, lead you to find the right group of friends more easily.

Always waiting to be invited in 

Sometimes you should wait for someone else to make the first move in a friendship. However, what if both people are waiting for the other one to make that first move? Then it’s just a friendly stalemate and nothing ever happens! Sometimes you just have to shoot your shot and invite the friend-to-be to coffee, lunch, or a movie night.

Drinking blood 

Just don’t do it. No one wants to be friends with you when you’re only interested in manipulating them for their blood. Try alternative beverages – V8 juice will give you that lovely red color and flax-chia milkshakes provide a rich source of proteins.

In summary, if you’re trying to make deep, long-lasting friendships, just don’t be a vampire. Breaking that down into four pieces of separate advice, don’t avoid sunlight, avoid reflections, don’t always wait to be invited in, or whatever you do, don’t drink blood.

Joking aside, I think it can be a good reminder that not much more than this is actually required to make friends. We, humans, are social creatures, and there is a certain fulfillment that comes from simply being around, and feeling accepted by other supportive people. There are so many people on this planet, and plenty of have the potential to become your friends. So if you’re concerned that you need to become more interesting, or funny, or cool — don’t you worry. People just want good supportive friends to share their life with, just like you!

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