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An Epicurean guide to a happy life

The perspective from someone laying in hammock

1. Take stock of your values

This is the number one and first thing to do when trying to determine how to live a good life. You need to know what you truly value to be able to live life accordingly.

One way to do this is journaling. Try to be as uninhibited as possible when you journal and keep the journal private so that you feel completely comfortable to let any thought out. Spend time journaling and making lists on what matters. Write down a few memories of times when you felt alive. Are there any common themes? If you only had 1 year left alive: how would you spend it?

Write down a list of your values. Put the list of values on your wall.

2. Emprace simplicity, modesty and minimalism

Now that you know better what you value, you need to find a way to make space in your life for those essential things. A great way to do that is to embrace simplicity and minimalism. The art of cutting down on almost everything in life gives you enormous freedom. You now get more available resources (time, money, mental capacity) to do the things that matter according to your values.

3. Find a part-time job

A modest lifestyle will hopefully free up some resources that you can use to spend less of your awake time working. Regardless of exactly what your values are, chances are that it is hard to make enough time on those when working a lot. The most obvious solution to this is to find a way to work less. There are many strategies for how to do this but my personal favorite is part-time work. Part-time work can provide you with the security of having an income, so you will not end up on the street, while still giving you enough time on other pursuits in life.

4. Escape your own mental jail

Now that you have more time on your hands, it is possible to spend more time on reflection. Try to avoid the temptation of spending too much time on a screen in your newfound free time. Instead use some of this time for journaling, solitude, and reflection. Get to know your own inner world. Most of us are limited because of our own “mental jail”. This mental jail looks different for everyone but common themes are being perfectionistic, never enough, feeling shame or guilt, being a victim.

A great first step to escape the mental jail is becoming aware of it. Awareness is the first step of change. Set a timer for every 15 minutes and when the alarm goes off take a moment to notice what you are thinking. Chances are high that you fall into a specific category of unhelpful thought patterns. Become aware of it. Is it even yours or was it unfairly handed to you as a child? Spend some time journaling and becoming aware of it. Awareness truly is the key and has a tendency to slowly, but surely, freeing you from your own mental jail.

Take another look at your listed values. Are any of the values not truly yours? Does it come from your own mental jail? Did someone else put that on you? If so, strike it out.

5. Embrace your human nature

One of the most fulfilling pursuits in life is embracing being human. Now that you have more mental and physical freedom, spend time embracing being human: the most remarkable animal on this planet. Being human includes spending time with others, creating, reflecting, coming up with ideas, perhaps creating a family, being in nature, taking care of one’s body, and positively contributing by helping others and yourself.

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