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Is a racing mind causing insomnia? Bore yourself to sleep

Woman laying on bed looking tired with a sleep eye mask

Millions of people deal with restless nights and poor sleep. Lack of sleep can cause headaches, low energy, difficulty concentrating, and even high blood pressure.

There are some general tricks to improve sleep like reducing caffeine intake, limiting alcohol, avoiding exciting or frightening shows before bed, establishing a regular bedtime routine, and avoiding the glare of screens.

However, even after implementing some of these recommendations some people still toss and turn throughout the night. For those individuals, boring themselves to sleep just might be the answer to a good night’s sleep. The following suggestions will help bore even the most active minds to sleep.

1. Read research or instructional manuals

Having reading material ready at the bedside that is considered dry and boring for the individual may be just the answer for a racing mind. Effective material will vary from person to person depending on interests and, more importantly, lack of interests. Lengthy and detailed research reports or instructional manuals are a good place to start for most.

2. Mental word games

A research study out of Vancouver, British Columbia, has shown that applying a word game helped participants fall asleep faster. The concept is termed the ‘Cognitive Shuffle’. The idea is to think of a word, for example, the word ‘love’. Then think of four words that start with each letter of the word ‘l-o-v-e’. Before the fourth letter is reached sleep has likely occurred. The technique has been so successful that an app is now available.

3. Listen to YouTube videos or podcasts

A number of videos are out on YouTube where adults read various stories or technical manuals in a dry, slow, and dull tone of voice. It is important to turn the screen off, close the eyes, and only listen to the voice as to avoid stimulating the brain with a bright screen. A simple Google search for ‘boring sleep stories’ will provide a selection to have ready to go before bedtime. There are also podcasts available using the same search terms.

4. Mental math

While counting sheep may be for kids, adults can try boring themselves with math calculations. Whether it is counting backward from 100 by an odd number or multiplying larger numbers, the task will take one’s mind off of real concerns and allow them to bore themselves to sleep.


Insomnia can be disruptive to physical and emotional health. Ensuring good sleep is essential to healthy living. But in today’s world, with constant access to new entertainment, it is easy to never experience any boredom. But could it be a key to help you sleep?

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